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About Company

BIOL is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of cast utensils made of aluminum and cast iron, known in the markets of Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe for over 18 years. The basis of each product is formed by:


Frying pans


Grill pans



Stew pots

Cast iron cookware

The food that is cooked in this pan does not stick, it bakes evenly and gets a beautiful golden color.

That is why it is the best choice for making pancakes. It is impossible to fry potatoes, mushrooms, croutons, meat with such an amazing taste and appearance in any pan, except for a cast iron.

User's manual of cast-iron cookware

Bare cast-iron cookware are made of natural ecologically clean non-hazardous materials. Cast-iron is one of the best material for utensil manufacturing. It can be heated till high temperature, it is practical, does not evolve toxic substances, has high heat capacity and can serve for decades.

Bare cast-iron utensils are used to frying and stewing of all kinds of dishes on all types of plates.

1. Before first use the item must be washed thoroughly under hot water with detergent and soft sponge or non-metalic brush. Then dry it with towelthoroughly .

2. Calcinate with salt (during 10-20 minutes), constantly mixing.

3. After calcinating salt must be thrown and the item must be washed under hot running water and be left for cooling. Then dry it with towel thoroughly .

4. Heat the cookware on plate till temperature higher than 100 °C and cover with thin layer of vegetable oil and cool it.

Cast-iron utensil is ready for use.

1. Do not storage food in cast-iron utensils.

2. After cooking, cookware must be washed (if it is possible without detergent), dried thoroughly (it will be better if you heat it on a plate to avoid that water drops leave because they can cause rust) and is covered with  thin layer of vegetable oil.

3. Do wash cast-iron utensil only by hand, without dishwasher machine.

4. Cast-iron cookware must be stored in dry well-vented place.

5. In case of improper handling rust can appear at surface of cast-iron cookware but it is not a defect. The rust can be cleaned easily using the following method: it is neccessary  to clean all rust with metallic brush, to heat cookware with further applying of thin layer of vegetable oil.

In case of proper handling cast iron cookware will serve a long time!

Non-stick cookware

Daily care for the environment is not just a fashionable global trend, but the common contribution of humanity to a clean and healthy future of our planet

Aluminum cookware

Aluminum has a high thermal conductivity, so water boils faster in aluminum cookware, and overall cooking takes less time

Where to buy

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